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Wow wow wow wow Dean’s face how did I miss that look.

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what if Dean has the same eye crinkles that Mary had

#and John would always look away when Dean smiled because it reminded him of his wife #but over the years #he didn’t have to turn away so much #because Dean’s smiles stopped reaching his eyes (via freckledbuttchester)

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just imagining mary holding dean in the hospital, and the first time someone stops and tells her how beautiful he is, and the first time she takes him to the grocery store and she’s so nervous, but then everyone tells her how natural she looks and all the old ladies comment on how he has her eyes, the first time she decides to sing hey jude, the first time she gives him a bath, the first time she walks into a room to see him asleep in his swing, the first time he laughs, the first time he smiles.

and you know his first words were ‘mama’. 

his first steps into her arms, when he learns his colors, his alphabet, all the strange stories he tells her, all the funny pictures he draws, ‘this is a tiger, and that’s another tiger…’, his blanket he loves, the way he smells like cheerios and milk, how he smiles in the bath tub, how he let’s her dry him off and hide his face in the towel, his giggle, his dirty face when he digs under the bushes looking for worms and bugs, how she swings him around and dances with him when her old favorites come on the radio, how he headbutts her when he wants kisses, 

and all those kisses.


and i just cry because he’s her love-a-boy, her sweetie pie, her baby.

*steam rolled by mary and dean feels*

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#dean gets his freckles from her #and she loves them when they show up #because he look so much like a little blonde john #but he’s got her eyes and her freckles #and she kisses them silly #you know? because that’s what freckles are for #just like tummies and feet and elbows and ears and noses #made for mama kisses #and knees and fingers and piggies and little bottoms and all those freckles #and every little birth mark #mary and dean feels

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awesome ladies of supernatural:
        ↳ mary (campbell) winchester

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you don’t know how lovely you are;